Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book Review: The Girl Who Remembered Horses, by Linda Benson

The Girl Who Remembered Horses, by Linda Benson

Format: Kindle Edition
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Publisher: Musa Publishing (November 2, 2011)
ASIN: B00635UBW8
Rating (1 to 5 *): *****

Book Review: The Girl Who Remembered Horses

After the Dark Days, the people of the world revert back to a nomadic state, living much like Native Americans did before America was colonized. However, there are some differences. For one, they gather goods left over from before the devastation to trade, and they don't remember horses. In fact, few have even seen them. That is, except for Sahara, but she only sees them in her dreams.

One day, a band of horses crosses her clan's path, and when her clan reaches the village where they trade their goods, Sahara learns that a band of horses lives nearby. She is also given a book on horse training, although almost no one knows how to read anymore. It is then that she realizes her dreams could come true, and that horses are not for hunting, but for sharing their lives with humans. She sets out to claim one of her very own to prove the entire clan wrong about these beautiful creatures, but can she overcome each setback and convince the clan that horses can be trained?

Linda Benson has ventured into what may well be completely unknown territory: a post-apocalyptic horse story. The story line is unique, the imagery powerful, and the characters ring true. There is even a subtle statement here about horse slaughter, a very touchy subject that Benson handled well. I thoroughly enjoyed the escape into Sahara's world and hope Benson writes a sequel to The Girl Who Remembered Horses.

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I truly appreciate the review, and I am working on a sequel to The Girl Who Remembered Horses right now.