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Guest blog with Sophia White

Today, we have a guest blog from Sophia White, author of Jesus is for Everybody: Building a Personal Relationship with God.
My review of her book will be posted on December 15th, so be sure to come back and read it! Also be sure to read her interview.

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A Woman’s Right to Choose, by Sophia White

The core of civilization is being plagued with sexual promiscuity so I strongly believe that a woman’s right to choose ends when she decides to participate in sexual intercourse. As such, abortions belong in family court. Other than physical force, people have the power to accept or reject sexual advances. This is not about two consenting adults. Once a child is conceived the process should be viewed as a family decision at large. Abortions should be considered more so a medical decision that is reviewed and approved by family of the unborn child to ensure his/her interest is thoroughly considered.

Abortions are about avoiding childbirth and it is extremely difficult to comprehend why government does not recognize these major consequences to society at large. God has given us the means to procreate with the motivation of utmost pleasure. Instead of viewing sexual relations with the sensitivity in which it was designed, some minds have become confused and consumed with perversion without recognizing the byproduct related to our culture as a whole. I believe women are the core of these issues whether associated with companionship or developing a healthy mindset in children. It’s dangerous to view an abortion as another means of birth control as I once heard from a close girlfriend who admitted to aborting four or five fetus’ prior to deciding on a permanent surgical procedure to prevent childbirth altogether.

Once the pregnancy process begins, the fetus does not just belong to the woman. This future human being now has a father and other family members who deserve a legal say so in the decision making. Sad to say, but a woman loses her right to choose immediately following conception. Her body was designed to protect the unborn; and within a democratic society, there should no longer be a single decision maker to abort the development process of another human being. I don’t believe the government is required to assist in that decision, but I do believe the government is responsible for designing a process whereby all family members are allowed a voice according to the rights of an unborn child. Determining the criteria used to design such a process is where it all begins.

Many situations will prove that God gives life, but humanity has discovered numerous of ways to circumvent the process. Please keep in mind that if God chooses to bring a child into this world, there is no amount of birth control or abortion techniques powerful enough to stop it. The Bible teaches that some of us are children of God and others are children of Satan. Before choosing their own demise, women need to understand scriptures surrounding womanhood more clearly! On the other hand, abortion procedures are being approved with disregard to innocent life. Women are not being forced to think long and hard before engaging in such a serious act and in most cases, the decision is made with deep regret. Abstinence before marriage is an outdated notion and social expectations can lead to careless decision making so why not institute a deterrent? Sexual intercourse may start as self control, but it has consequences extending beyond self.

When society says that a woman has a right to choose, the question I ask is: choose what? Unless there are extreme medical circumstances, abortion is not a humane option. A woman’s right to choose ends after selecting sexual intercourse, which is a serious act given by God not to be taken lightly. Sexual intercourse is our means of procreation. Sexual feelings are a natural motivation for procreation provided by God. A woman facilitates the birthing process, but life is created by God. Women are the vessel used by God to funnel life into the world, but the blood line of the baby is from the father. When a woman chooses an abortion, it creates consequences that impact other areas of life, including her mental and physical health. Abortion may sometimes be seen as a quick fix so the government should view this as an opportunity to regulate the procedure by protecting everyone involved. God creates babies to serve a purpose in life, and the government is responsible for protecting life.

When a woman becomes impregnated, she is no longer alone. By law, women should not be considered the sole decision maker and therefore should not be given sole authority to approve such drastic measures. The father and other family members should be legally bound to the process. If unknown, a woman should be required to run a newspaper advertisement to locate any family claiming a right to the child. By placing stiff regulations and publicity on abortions, it takes the movement to a whole new level. If abortions are challenged in public, it becomes a family dispute whereby the government provides the proper framework to protect the unborn child based on criteria defined by law. When public announcements are required, couples will start to think twice before carelessly taking the life of their unknown child. Since the fetus is our first phase of human life, abortions should require an official obituary to notify the public of death.

The scriptures teach that the mothers of Jesus and John the Baptist noticed their babies responding to one another while still in the wound. I cannot explain a pregnancy miscarriage, except that it removes human choice from God’s equation. It is unknown to everyone who a baby will grow up to be. If our government finds a means to address abortions from a medical standpoint, it will be a blessing to humanity as a whole.

To learn more, read my book entitled “Jesus is for Everybody: Building a Personal Relationship with God.

Visit my website at www.jesusisforeverybody.org.

Sophia White, Author

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