Monday, October 4, 2010

This week's book giveaway!

From our friend, Linda Weaver Clarke:

Interview with Mystery Writer Linda Faulkner

Book Give-Away October 4 - 11: for those interested in Second Time Around, leave a comment about this interview with your e-mail. U.S. and Canada. Visit

Second Time Around was an Award Finalist for best Mystery/Suspense fiction 2010. This mystery is set in the Rocky Mountains of western Montana. Timmie Campbell asks herself what she’s going to do when the dead body she stumbles across winds up belonging to her father, the father she thought abandoned her in infancy. Her mother has been lying for years about her father’s abandonment, about him not contacting them, about a lot of things. Unfortunately, Timmie can’t dwell on her mother’s deception because bodies begin piling up and she needs to stop the killer before he wipes out her entire family.

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