Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Author Interview: Hank Quense

Today we'll learn a little more about Hank Quense, whose guest post discussed the trials and tribulations of writing humor. Be sure to come back to read my review of his book, Tales from the Gundarland!

Jennifer Walker: Tell us about your other writing projects, past, present and future.

Hank Quense: To date, over forty short stories and fiction writing articles and four books have been published. Fool's Gold is a short novel that retells the ancient Rhinegold myth as scifi rather than fantasy. Tunnel Vision is a collection of twenty previous published short stories. Build a Better Story is an ebook on fiction writing. Finally, there is Tales From Gundarland.

My next book is a novel, Zaftan Entrepreneurs. In it, an alien mining ship discovers Gundarland. That will become available around the holidays. At the moment I'm working on a novella based on several of Shakespeare's works. The main characters are Hamlet, Othello and Falstaff. The plots (sort of) follow Shakespeare's plots.

Jennifer Walker: What was your inspiration for creating Gundarland?

Hank Quense: It wasn't inspired. It just grew out fantasy stories I wrote. Each one added a bit more knowledge about the place. Over a few years, I ended up with a geography, cities, races, politics etc. Despite being located in a parallel universe, there is a lot of commonality with our world. The people and the politicians certainly act similarly.

Jennifer Walker: Why did you choose to write a collection of short stories, rather than one novel?

Hank Quense: I didn't chose it. I kept writing short stories and novellas that intrigued me and, after I had a pile of them, I decided producing a collection was better than trying to sell them one at a time.

Jennifer Walker: Do you have interest in writing any other genres?

Hank Quense: Nope. Humorous fantasy and scifi is all I do and all I have an interest in doing. Occasionally, I write an article on some aspect of fiction writing or marketing books, but that is like work while writing fiction is fun. My only other writing interest is blog posts. I've created the Faux News Network as a way to lampoon our modern world. I have fun writing these satiric pieces.

Jennifer Walker: Whatare your favorite books to read?

Hank Quense: Humorous scifi and fantasy. I also read historical fiction

Jennifer Walker: What was the hardest part for you, writing the book or publishing and marketing it? Why?

Hank Quense: Marketing it. I believe my biggest problem currently is that I'm unknown. Getting a reputation as a humorous writer, one that's worth plunking down coins on a book, is my toughest gig right now

Jennifer Walker: At what point in your life did you decide to become a writer, and when did you conceive this book?

Hank Quense: On my fiftieth birthday. I took stock of the situation and decided it was only a matter of time until I got kicked out of my sales manager office to make room for a much younger worker. That's when I decided I want to write fiction in my next career.

Jennifer Walker: Do you work with a mentor or writing group to discuss your ideas or polish your work?

Hank Quense: I'm a member of Critters workshop and an other smaller group of writers who critique each other's work.

Jennifer Walker: Where is your favorite place in the world to visit?

Hank Quense: Rome. After that it's either Paris or Barcelona. I can't make up my mind which one is better. I'll have to spend a few more days in each one to decide. My favorite North American spot is Quebec City.

Jennifer Walker: If Gundarland existed on Earth, where and when would it be?

Hank Quense: It'd be one of the British Isles. In fact, I strongly believe the British Isles are modeled after Gundarland and no one ever paid me a licensing fee.

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