Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Review: The Rewritten World, by Aggie Villanueva

The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art, No Matter the Genre, by Aggie Villanueva

Paperback: 60 pages
Publisher: Cielos Rojos Publishing (October 6, 2010)
ISBN-10: 098259142X
Rating: (1 to 5 *): ****

Book Review: The Rewritten Word, by Aggie Villanueva

Writers are told from grammar school on that in order to polish our work, we need to rewrite, revise, repeat. However, not everyone knows what it is they're supposed to be doing when they rewrite a piece. Never fear! The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art no Matter the Genre, by Aggie Villanueva, can help.

Aggie's book is a quick read that can fit in your pocket. However, it is packed with useful information, with a step-by-step guide on what to look for when you rewrite. It even includes examples and instructions on how to take a piece you have written and make it better. Her techniques apply to all types of writing, from fiction to web articles.

While the author may seem a touch self-aggrandizing at times, the book is so well balanced with her humbling herself by pointing out where she could have done better with her own writing that it's hard to fault her for it. As she points out, every piece of writing can improve with rewriting, even those written by the best.

The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art no Matter the Genre is an excellent tool for any writer who needs help in making their writing shine.

Stay tuned for an interview with the author, Aggie Villanueva!

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