Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Review: Anasazi Intrigue and Mayan Intrigue, by Linda Weaver Clarke

Anasazi Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans and Mayan Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans, by Linda Weaver Clarke

Anasazi Intrigue:

Paperback: 280 pages

Publisher: American Book Publishing (March 5, 2010)
ISBN-10: 158982587X
Rating (1 to 5 *): ****
Mayan Intrigue:
Paperback: 252 pages

Publisher: American Book Publishing (August 30, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1589826167
Rating (1 to 5 *): ****

Book Reviews:

Anasazi Intrigue

A devastating flood wipes out homes in a small town, but that is only the beginning of Julia Evans's problems. A newspaper reporter intent on finally getting a "real" story to her credit despite the disparaging remarks of her co-worker, Julia soon discovers a possible poison spill that kills many of the fish and her neighbors' pets. Julie springs into action to investigate the matter and soon finds there is much more involved than she originally thought, including illegal theft of artifacts from a nearby Anasazi Indian historical site. Soon, she is stalked and receives threatening notes. She refuses to let her fear stop her from getting her story, hoping it won't come at too great a cost.

Mayan Intrigue

John and Julia Evans are in the Yucatan Peninsula on a combination of vacation and business. They need to rekindle their romantic relationship, and Julia needs to get a great story about stolen Mayan artifacts. As seems to be a pattern in her life, Julia is once again plunged into danger when she stumbles upon some shady business men conducting business in the park. As she and John explore the various Mayan ruins in the area, she discovers she is being followed. Of course, she does not easily give up, and the Evanses soon find themselves in a world of trouble.

Linda Weaver Clarke has been writing historical fiction for years, and she also travels the country giving workshops on preserving family history through telling stories. Her new Intrigue mystery series departs slightly from her traditional historic fiction, blending her knowledge of ages past with her ability to spin a fun adventure with interesting characters. The depiction of the ancient cities is very interesting--especially since I've been to Tulum, which appears in Mayan Intrigue.

I must say the writing could have been stronger--there is a lot of passive wording and descriptions that could be entwined a little more smoothly into the story. However, the sweet interactions of the main characters, the highly interesting info on ancient history and the plundering of artifacts, and the intriguing mystery will keep you reading right up until the last page.

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