Monday, March 14, 2011

This week's book give-away!

From our friend, Linda Weaver Clarke:

Book Give-Away March 14 - 21: We have two books to give away this week. Be The Lead Dog is a self-help book and Crimp! On-By!! is a childrens book.

The full title of Crimp's book is Crimp! On-By!! The True Story of a Most Unlikely Iditarod Lead Dog. Crimp is an incredible soul who is named for the crimp in his nose, resulting from a horrific injury when he was only 4 weeks old. When I first met him about 3 weeks later, it was a miracle he was still alive, but clearly so disfigured that he couldn't be a sled dog. Except we all forgot to tell him that. So the book chronicles his life, adventures and coming of age and achieving his destiny to be a lead dog in Iditarod.

"Be The Lead Dog Seven Life-Changing Lessons Taught By Sled Dogs teaches Trust, Drive, Focus, Patience, Transparency, Self-Assurance, and Perseverance. Read Be the Lead Dog and take it to heart! Everything is here that you need to accomplish the impossible in your life. Then go hug your own dog if you are lucky enough to have one and tell them thanks, you now get it." --Brian Tracy

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