Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guest blog: As I See Em by Sam Moffie

I will be posting a review of No Mad, by Sam Moffie, on Monday. In the mean time, please enjoy a guest post from the author!

BY Sam Moffie


The other day I was working in my yard, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I was able to listen to music as loud as I wanted and I didn't want to bother my family or my neighbors, so I wore my head phones and portable CD contraption. I was listening to a smorgasboard of songs by Bob Dylan.

I really enjoy listening to music while I do chores around the house. This is mainly a result of not belonging to a gym anymore, where I would have in my hey-day pump iron five to six times a week with my own music playing in my one good ear ( I was born deaf in the other one). I fondly remember my first headset -- which meant my own music, because the music that played in the gyms of my earlier days was always set on appeasment. I could not get into lifting when appeasing music was on. Anyways... now I lift in my basement to my own music and at my own pace. Who said getting older wasn't fun?

The only other time I ever listened to music while doing yard work or chores around the house, was when I was in the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Wittenberg University. Almost like a scene from my latest novel -- No Mad... almost.

But now, I had Bob, his music and my yard work -- actually weed pulling to attend to (why pot is sometimes called 'weed' by others never made any sense to me. Weeds are terrible and pot is good. I mean, whoever tried to roll and smoke a weed from their yard)?

As Dylan's music soothed my aching back and knees (getting older isn't fun), I really found myself concentrating on his lyrics; not that I haven't before. The more I focused, the more I realized that it is a shame that Bob Dyla hasn't won a Pulitzer Prize for poetry.

But this isn't about that. It's more about the state of current affairs... the politicians of Washington D.C. and where they are taking us... what they are doing to us. Notice I wrote politicians and not democrat or republican. Because anyone who thinks that there is a difference between the two political parties has been smoking way too much 'weed'.

All politicians at all levels in today's America are about themselves, THEIR families, THEIR toadies and the people who they really work for -- THEIR lobbyists and THEIR campaign contributors.

That's why the lyrics from Bob's song IT'S A HARD RAIN struck a nerve in me. All the lines from this song are great. It's easy looking back 40 years and seeing that it appears that Boby was writing about nuclear fallout. then again, knowing Bob, maybe he was writing about something else.


Makes me think about all politicians in how they basically talk a lot and don't say a damn thing. You can also throw in the MSM (main stream media) as part of the 10,000. Know why?

Because the MSM has become part of the problem. They wear their bias on their designer suits and dresses. Worse...they only repeat the news, not report the news. The internet is going to kill the MSM, and that's going to be a good thing.

So, big deal Sam, the politicians are lying to us. The news reporters are terrible. So what Sam?

No, it's not that. They are only the smoke screens for what the big story is. The amounts of money NOT getting to where it should be.

Because there is enough money in this country to repair anything and everything. It doesn't get to where it has to go.

Why? because the broken tongues take it. And they will continue to take it until those tongues are removed.


Thank you, Sam! Tune in on Monday for the review of No Mad!

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