Monday, November 12, 2012

This Week on A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book Radio Program: Greg Interviews Kimberly Morrow-Stephens, Author of Family Secrets

Markus Randolph and his wife Angel have found themselves plunged into a world of drugs, crime, murder, and undercover Federal agents. Markus has also made a grim discovery: his biological father is a member of New York's most lethal drug cartel, and he must travel from New York to North Carolina to convince the man that he's on his side - with both their lives dependent upon his success...

J.D. and Rico Smalls have the drug trade sown up in Reidsville, North Carolina; however, J. D.'s affiliations are about to change life in "small town America" as they know it. When visitors from out of state come calling, can the two survive the outcome...?

Eva Miller has come home to North Carolina after spending most her life in the big city, but when she meets the love of her life, his family's business threatens everything. Can her love save him when the bullets start flying...?

For nearly thirty years, the Colonel and J. D. have been friends, and their sons have grown to become major players in family business and family ties - but when the devil comes to collect his due, only one family can survive when the Family Secrets are finally revealed...

Be sure to join us for a fun and informative afternoon with Kimberly Morrow-Stephens and learn about her latest novel, Family Secrets, on BlogTalkRadio on Wednesday, November 14, from 3:30 to 4:00 Pacific Time. And join us each week at the same time to meet exciting new authors and hear about their latest books and their creative processes.

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