Monday, October 29, 2012

This Week on A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book: Greg Interviews Quantu Amaru, Award-winning Author of One Blood

This week on special Halloween Edition of A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book, Greg interviews Qwantu Amaru, author of the award-winning supernatural thriller, One Blood.

From Kirkus Book Reviews:

"A governor and his sordid past are at the heart of a tale of retribution in Amaru's stunning debut novel. Amaru's greatest achievement is a nonlinear story that still manages to be clean-cut and precise. The plot bounces readers from one time period to another--flashbacks sometimes occur during other flashbacks, and dream sequences meld into memories and back into real time. Despite this narrative style, the story is, surprisingly, never perplexing. Amaru skillfully manages this feat by presenting uncertainty--such as Lincoln's relationship with a man named Amir--but immediately clarifying it with prior events, complete with a time stamp. Similarly, voodoo and many appearances of loa (spirits) are treated sincerely, not merely as wacky, otherworldly manifestations. The thorough examination of peoples' pasts allows for sharp, distinct characters. This heightens the tension between characters engaged in high-pressure situations, of which the author has ample supply. For deep-rooted characters immersed in violence, the novel's defining moment may be a wounded man reciting the Lord's Prayer aloud while dodging bullets in a blistering gun battle.

(One Blood) is a gutsy book that blazes trails, plotted at breakneck speed that won't let up."

Join us on a spooky edition of A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book as we interview Qwantu Amaru about this eerie new book. The show is this Wednesday, Halloween, at 3:30 pm PDT.

This episode of A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book promises to be a great kick-off to a “BOO!” filled Halloween! Join us, if you dare!

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