Sunday, September 9, 2012

Special Edition of A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book: Michelle Devon

This week on a Special Edition of the A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book BlogTalkRadio show, Jennifer interviews Michelle Devon, author of CELESTE--which is currently on tour with Walker Author Tours. Listen live on Wednesday, September 12 at 3:30 Pacific Time or hear the recording any time after the show at

Kyle McRoy doesn’t know who to trust. He became a wealthy man after his parents died in a freak accident, but Kyle lost control. A mental breakdown led to hospitalization in what his brother called a Behavior Therapy Center, but something about his brother tugs at the back of his fragile psyche. While at the center, Kyle meets the lovely Celestebut soon discovers there are things about her he doesn’t know. Things, perhaps, no one can ever know.

No, Kyle McRoy doesn’t know who to trust… least of all, himself. After all, it’s hard to know who to trust when you’re not even sure what’s real.

Click  here to find out more about the CELESTE virtual book tour.

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