Monday, April 16, 2012

This week on A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book radio show

This week on the A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book BlogTalkRadio show, Jennifer interviews Sebastian Gibson, author of Nitt Witt Hill. Listen live on Wednesday, April 18 at 3:30 Pacific Time or hear the recording any time after the show at

Just in time for the heating of the electoral battle between America’s political parties, Sebastian Gibson released his new novel Nitt Witt Hill. Hilarious, sadly accurate, and highly entertaining, Nitt Witt Hill follows Mark Twain (Mark, a political consultant and his dog, Twain) in their quest to find out what's making America so neurotic. Nitt Witt Hill has been called“the perfect antidote to 2012 election fever…bound to be the satirical novel of the year.”

Sebastian Gibson is a lawyer, author, and political comedian. You can find him @sebastianstuff on Twitter or visit:

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