Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Review: A Knight and White Satin, by Jackie Ivie

A Knight and White Satin, by Jackie Ivie

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Zebra (October 5, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1420108840
Rating (1 to 5 *): ****

A Knight and White Satin Review

Dallis Caruth’s wedding was nothing like she ever thought it would be. For one thing, the groom was a member of a much-hated rival clan. For another, the wedding was held without her consent after said groom, the detested Payton Dunn-Fadden, lay siege to Dallis’s keep and took it for his own.

Dallis spends the next two years using the money Payton sends her, meant for restoring the keep, on sending challengers to kill him. Her efforts are unsuccessful, and when he returns to claim his property (including his wife), he finds that although he had won her in name, he has to win her in spirit as well.

However, just when he seems to have managed that, he faces a new threat: Laird Kilchurning, who was Dallis’s betrothed before Payton took her, attacks the keep to reclaim what he sees as his. Payton and his men rescue Dallis and her Aunt Evelyn from the tower where she is held captive, and they make their way to the see the king about intercession. Before it is all over, Payton must alternatively get past his wife’s betrayals and fight for his place in her heart.

Jackie Ivie’s A Knight and White Satin takes the reader into a very hot, very steamy romance deep in the heart of Dark Ages Scotland. Experience a love that is so deep and tender, the lovers are rocked to their very core before they can even admit to themselves what their true feelings are. Follow along with Dallis and Payton as first she rejects him, then they work together to solve their problems—between smoking hot love scenes, that is.

An author-provided copy of the book was provided for this review.

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