Monday, May 31, 2010

Another book give away!

From Linda Weaver Clarke:

Book Give-Away May 31 – June 7: Interview with Historical Fiction Author Shauna S. Roberts and book give away! At the dawn of civilization, one woman must risk her life and her reputation to save her family and society itself from destruction. Like Mayflies in the Stream is an adventure story that takes place at the dawn of history in the world’s first city, Uruk. It’s a precarious time, when civilization is still an unproven experiment that could be destroyed at any time by flood, famine, attacks by wandering bands . . . or a tyrant who abuses his citizens. Visit and leave a comment if you’re interested in this book.
Every Monday I try to have a new book give away! If you’re interested in getting to know new authors, don’t forget to check out my past interviews if you haven’t.
Linda Weaver Clarke

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